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Going for the Record

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(Originally posted on our 2011 Field Blog —  by Nicole Freidenfelds)

Just a quick update on the past few days…

We didn’t have much luck catching on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the weather  – chilly and cloudy, a bad combination for lizards.  But we more than made up for it on Thursday with a record high 51 lizards caught in one day!!  Edgar Evins State Park is an amazing site for fence lizards, to say the least.

We then spent the past two days collecting at Standing Stone State Park/Forest… and ended up with 31 on Friday and 12 today.

In addition to the having great lizard catching success, we’ve also seen a wide range of other herpetofauna, including box turtles, a rat snake that Travis almost stepped on, and a black racer (photos below).

We are heading to Arkansas tomorrow, keeping a select few lizards with us to bring to Alabama, and returning the rest to where we found them.




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