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The 2012 Research Team

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(Originally posted on our 2012 Field Blog)


Travis Robbins, Postdoc




Sean Graham, Postdoc



Chris Thawley, Ph.D. Candidate

This year, I’ll be a returning veteran of several lizarding campaigns, and I’m excited to get back to the warmth and excitement of the herpful South after a long, cold, and dark winter at Penn State. This summer, my research will focus on nailing down the effects of fire ants on lizard survival, behavior, and stress via the second round of my enclosure experiments. I’ll also be helping coordinate lizard logistics and learning how to fish for bass in the pond out back.



Gail McCormick, Ph.D. Candidate

I am glad to be returning south, however briefly! While touring the
south, I hope to collect a boatload of male lizards and to help out
with general herping. This summer, I will return to Pennsylvania with
my boys (lizards) to investigate how hormone levels affect immune
response and parasite load (chiggers) in fence lizards. This involves
a lot of hormone manipulation in the lab and a field component later
in the summer.  The real question is why-oh-why am I studying
chiggers? My ankles are already complaining!



Jill Newman,  Intern

I’m currently a senior at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and am on co-op as a field assistant in the Langkilde Lab at Penn State University. After working on wood frog projects for two months in Pennsylvania, I will be down in Alabama working on fence lizard projects until August. In addition to working with graduate students, I’m hoping to conduct an independent research project while I’m down south.



Melville, Staff support, chief minivan 

This is my sixth year of carting Langkilde lab scientists all over the south to catch fence lizards. With my dual sliding doors, these ecologists are able to quickly leap from my spacious interior to catch fence lizards on the roadside. When snoring is unbearable, my bench seats also provide quiet sleeping accommodations.



George Brooks, Intern



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