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Summer 2012 Season Begins!

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(Originally posted on our 2012 Field Blog —  by Jill Newman)


Pond_house_Jill 011-thumb-960x720-320802

And this is what we have been up to so far:

Travis got his fix of catching gravid female lizards for his project back at Penn State and left to join his wife because they have a child on the way. Good luck and congrats!

Sean’s band, Personality Mirroring, is preparing for the release of their new album, “Too Much Information.” I have heard a couple of the hit singles and they are very catchy!!! As a side project, he is herping around southern Alabama, looking for neat herps such as the rainbow snake.

Nicole, who was the lab manager of the Langkilde Lab before I started working here, came to visit us for a couple days. Nicole and Sean took me to the spring near the Solon Dixon Center. Half-expecting to see a dirty, alligator-filled swamp, I was pleasantly surprised to see this tropical resort:

100_0197-thumb-960x720-320804 100_0205-thumb-960x720-320806

Gail joined us for about a week after catching lizards in Arkansas with Travis and Sean. She stayed to help us with enclosures when Chris arrived in Alabama. The enclosures are up and Chris will be teaching me how to be a fire ant assassin soon.100_0388-thumb-960x720-320819

As for me, I have been enjoying my first visit to Alabama. So far, I have avoided getting a sunburn and getting stung by fire ants, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me.

I have always been interested in herpetology and Sean has really gone out of his way to teach me about the different herps in Alabama. For instance, on our second day in the field, Sean risked his life to dive after a speedy coachwhip snake that paid him back by hitting him in the face with its tail. Thanks Sean! Travis and Sean are also helping me publish some distribution notes for new county records that we found.

I’ve seen some really awesome herps so far (some of them in the field and some of them on road cruises). Here are a few pictures:

Pine snake

Pine snake

gopher tortoise,

gopher tortoise,

narrow-mouthed toad,

narrow-mouthed toad,

red salamander,

red salamander,

six-lined racerunner

six-lined racerunner

Pictures from top to bottom: Pine snake, gopher tortoise, narrow-mouthed toad, red salamander, and six-lined racerunner

Other miscellaneous items:

~The theme of this summer has become: “It’s not my problem”

~Favorite quote so far: “When there is a handle on one side, there is work on the other” – Punky

-The Intern

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