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The best way for scientists to share their research is to publish it in scientific journals. This can be a lengthy process, so it’s always very exciting when your work is finally published. We’re so excited that we wanted to share some of our recent publications with you.  Click the links below for the abstract (or to download the paper if you’re a fancy pants scientist/academic with access!)

No evidence of selection by predators on tadpole boldness.
Bradley E Carlson and Tracy Langkilde. Behaviour
Read more about this on our blog here.



Latitudinal and seasonal variation in reproductive effort of the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus).
Wei-Guo Du, Travis R Robbins, Daniel A Warner, Tracy Langkilde, Richard Shine. Integrative Zoology

Rise and Fall of a Hybrid Zone: Implications for the Roles of Aggression, Mate Choice, and Secondary Succession.
Travis R Robbins, Lorelei E Walker, Kelvin D Gorospe, Stephen A Karl, Aaron W Schrey, Earl D McCoy, Henry R Mushinsky. The Journal of Heredity

On the incidences of cannibalism in the lizard genus Sceloporus: updates, hypotheses, and the first case of siblicide
Travis R. Robbins, Aaron Schrey, Shannen McGinley, Aaron JacobsHerpetology Notes
Read about this on our blog here.

The cannibalized Sceloporus undulatus lizard (right fecal pellet) and one of his siblings (left).

A cannibalized Sceloporus undulatus lizard (right fecal pellet) and one of his siblings (left).

Bearded ladies: females suffer fitness consequences when bearing male traits.
Lindsey Swierk and Tracy Langkilde. Biology Letters.
More about this one on our recent blog post here.

A male (left) and female (right) fence lizard. The female is a “bearded lady” with pale blue badges.

We’ve also had a whole bunch geographic distribution notes published in the journal, Herpetological Review. That usually means we observed a species outside of its known range. We had four notes in September’s Issue and seven in December’s issue. Authors from our lab included Chris, Brad, Gail, Sean (lab alum), and undergrads Mark Herr, Mark Goldy-Brown, and former intern Jennie Williams. Pretty cool!

If you missed our recent posts about some of these topics, be sure to read more about tadpole boldness, lizard cannibalism, and bearded ladies!

Author: Gail McCormick

Science writer at Penn State University; papercrafter, ecologist, theatre-lover.

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