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Herpy Halloween!

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While everyone else is dressing up as superheroes or their favorite monsters, sometimes herpetologists need to dress up as…herps! See below for some of the many variations on herp costumes that we’ve seen online and from friends over the past few weeks:

A fellow herpetologist, Matthew Lattanzio, sporting a Sceloporus undulatus halloween costume. Given the gorgeous badges this is likely a male, or a fabulously-bearded lady:



If Matt were hugging a tree, no one would be able to see him with that camouflage.

Some of the most amazing herp costumes I’ve seen are the work of professional costumers making them for education and outreach purposes:


This amazing mole kingsnake costume was made for the The Herp Project at UNCG by Sandy Durso, the mother of a friend (click on her name to link to her FB page for more costumes and photos!)



This sweet hellbender costume was made for the Buffalo Zoo by Ellen Paquette (click here for her blogpost on the process and to see her handmade plush hellbenders…Christmas presents?!?)

We’ve seen people dressed up as fire ants as well!:


Fire ants are attracted to candy, so this cute little fire ant will fit right in.


Fire ants are apparently pretty popular as mascots as well! You can check out this customized one here (with moving mandibles), or buy your own on Amazon (just $1300!)


And sometimes people dress up as fire ants (though this is a little fire ant, Wasmannia auropunctata) to spread invasive species awareness.

And last, but not least, sometimes people even dress up the herps themselves. Here’s a tortoise dressed up for the Ren Faire (Friar Tuck-His-Head-Inside-His-Shell perhaps?) by the Minnesota Herp Society to raise awareness and funds:



Author: Chris Thawley

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Rhode Island; evolutionary ecologist, herper, lizard lasso-er, cookie monster, discslinger

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