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Studying and Staying Sane

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The researchers in our lab have many interests, not all of which are related to science. In this post, undergraduate Tommy Cerri describes his preparation for the MCAT…as well as other actives that help him stay sane. 

Spring 2015 has been one of the most hectic semesters for myself. My time is split between working in the lab, being a full time student, and studying for the MCAT. I plan on taking the MCAT exam this summer in June, and the studying process so far has been grueling. Here is a picture of my study materials I got in the mail earlier this semester. A total of 9 books that I have to get through in only a few short months.


As of April this year, the format for the medical school admissions test has been changed. Most importantly, it is no longer a test of about 4 hours, it is a test that runs about 7 hours. This means they added biochemistry, sociology, psychology, as well as a few other topics that will be tested on the exam. Either way my studying has been going swimmingly, and I continue to study on a daily basis hoping for the best (fingers crossed)!

Due to this huge time commitment, my participation in the lab has not been as big as I would have hoped. I do help out though! As of late, I have picked back up where I left off last semester assisting Gail with lizard behavioral videos. I do enjoy these videos: the lizards are extremely active, which can be quite amusing. A few other miscellaneous tasks have come up within the lab and I love helping out with whatever needs done when I have the time.

Outside of lab I have given a handful of tours for prospective Penn State students. Don’t worry, I always give the Langkilde Lab a shoutout on each of the tours. Many times the parents are very interested about the research we do in the lab and I am always happy to fill them in on all the amazing things we are all doing! Parents of prospective science students are always intrigued by the potential research opportunities we have to offer here at Penn State, and I love to talk about some of my awesome experiences I have been presented with. The students always get a good laugh when I tell them I fed crickets to lizards once a week when I was a freshman.

In other news I did score 2 goals in my most recent intramural soccer game last Monday, and my team won our IM basketball game as well! Club sports might be on the horizon of my senior year, who knows…

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