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Where do I begin? I guess I will start with a little background info. My name is Cameron Venable and I hail from the great state of Maryland. If that means nothing to you, then in a nutshell I really love the MD flag and crabs (which is a key part of a Marylander’s life).  Anyway, after high school, I went to Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. At LVC I majored in Biology and minored in Spanish.  As a side-note of my story, LVC was around 1500-1600 people… TOTAL. So coming to PSU was a huge jump! Not only were there exponentially more people, but also grad school is a completely different world.

I may be the odd ball of the current students because I am a second year. So how am I just now introducing myself? Well, that’s another long story, but basically I switched advisors last semester and joined the Langkilde Lab (for my lab-mates that may read this, thanks for making me feel welcomed). As a part of this lab, I’ve been endlessly brainstorming for future projects to begin. As of now the big plans for the near future are as follows:

1) Embryo nutrition in the fence lizard and fire ant system. The idea would be to investigate the influence of fire ant presence on the maternal input into offspring.

2) Looking forward to working with a past member of the Lab, Dr. Lindsey Swierk within her study system, which will focus on how urbanization affects wood frogs in various ways.

3) Lastly, becoming an expert on Bomb Calorimetry, which would be helpful for various projects in quantifying nutrition.

Those are the ideas for the upcoming months, but of course in this field things are subject to change. Which means… Stay tuned for the adventure!!!


Cam on La Isla Mona, Puerto Rico with Anolis monensis


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